I really loathe talking about expertise and experience, however for all my new followers this page is for you! 🙂

I started my online career when the internet was born. I still to this day remember my first computer, it was an apple IIe. Many of my followers will not understand the struggles, ha ha. Anyways, I started on the internet nearly 30 years ago, like most nerds during that time.

Enough of the past. Over the past 30 ish years I have learned everything I know by, learning, watching videos, reading tons of information on the internet and implementing what I have learned and then putting my own spin on things. Yes I am self-taught, always learning.

Remember, no one knows absolutely everything. Keeping an open mind on what you learn and duplicating the results is key to mastery.

Where I started…

Internet Marketing is where my online career began. I was always intrigued by ranking on search engines, and other platforms so I spent years dissecting websites. And duplicated what I learned about keywords, content marketing etc. After a lot of trial and error I got really good results.

Over the past 3 decades I have created numerous free and paid courses, got involved in MLM companies, Health and Nutrition, eCommerce, and digital marketing.

I was one of the top trainers for INFINii commerce, where I implemented my knowledge in SEO and internet marketing into core training that increased profits for the entire customer base.

So. take a look around the Carly J Hahn Official website, and my YouTube Channel and you will fine real How-To videos and articles that will help you succeed online.

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