About Carly J Hahn

carly j hahn

Who is Carly J Hahn?

My name is Carly J Hahn, a proud online entrepreneur and Chief Operating Officer for BlockCommerce.  With over 20+ years of experience in everything from Online Marketing & Branding to eCommerce, I have found that I love to teach.

eCommerce Training

I am the Author of the EOS eCommerce & Online Marketing Course.  The EOS course is 200+ videos of pure “how-to” content.  The strategies have been verified to work on absolutely any platform.

Inside the Mind of Carly J Hahn

Bottom line is, my way of thinking is not average, I look at things a lot differently than most do or will.  I am known by a select few that are closest to me, to have an analytic mind of sorts.  This has proven to be a huge asset in not only software and web development but provides a exceptional user experience on all past and future projects.

About BlockCommerce

I currently oversee software development, administrative management, online training courses, managed social media teams and much more.

Instead of simply directing development teams, I am a developer, instead of simply outsourcing customer acquisition, I have personally acquired thousands of customers.

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