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I am so excited to share my official online re-brand with you.  After taking a few years off from absolutely everything; through a lot of soul searching, meditation, and other things I have finally come to realize why I am here.  In other words, my soul’s purpose.  I have realized being a 54 year old entrepreneur, there are many people just like you that hunger for knowledge.  However, I realized that the majority of “digital content creators” put profit before helping people succeed.  I do not want to be that type of creator.

I would rather teach you how to become successful in life without a new course every month.  I have decided to put the majority of my training on YouTube for all my followers to to learn and succeed in life. I have learned over the past few years that #SpeakingYourTruth is crucial to my belief system.  Being and staying transparent for my followers is extremely important to me personally, this is why I have extended the about page to help you learn who I really am and who I was always meant to be.

Carly J Hahn the Personal Tragedy

This is the first time I have ever shared personal information online.  I am a domestic violence survivor, not once but twice.   My first marriage was 15 years and the second marriage was 8 years.    I am very passionate about helping people suffering any type of domestic violence.  Whether this is physical or emotional abuse.  It got so bad in my second marriage that I had to go through a legal identity change to keep myself and my children safe.

I have been homeless with two kids and I have been a 6 figure earner.  I lost both my mother and father, which hit me pretty hard.  And like most people on this planet I was in a dark place due to grief and loss in my life.

However, I am here to share my experiences with domestic violence, loss, grief, and all the other emotions of life to prove that life can change for the better.  I am now happily married to the love of my life.  I have a very successful online business, and my life now is blessed to say the least.

Carly J Hahn’s Personal Belief System

I believe the purpose of life is to help each other.  Whether that is through teaching, friendship, or other avenues.    I think this is why through my online career I have always helped anyone that needed it without monetary gain.  

I am very intuitive and have specific gifts  that have helped me help people my entire life. 

I believe in a higher power, I am very spiritual.  I love astrology, numerology, spiritual healing; not to mention an intense love of life and everyone in it. 

I grew up in a metaphysical church that my parents were both ministers of.  My mom was a famous psychic / clairvoyant.

What To Expect from Carly J Hahn Official

My plan is simple, share everything I know, I will be covering a lot of subjects:

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Over the years, I have fallen in love with online marketing not to mention my infatuation with WordPress, Online Branding, Marketing and SEO especially. Above all else I love to help people, and I will always enjoy teaching people the right way to be successful online. You will find a lot of useful information on how to content on my website and on my YouTube Channel.

Its always about putting others before your own needs.  And that is exactly why I am here…

Carly J Hahn


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